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The 104 Podcast

Feb 18, 2019

Ryan Lambert from Yahoo sports went OFF on the Oilers media, after a lot of their members refused to have a hard look in the mirror. We talk about that, as well as the two relatively minor trades the Oilers pulled off.

We also sneak in Don Cherry content for you.

Feb 11, 2019

We talked about how dismal this week has been and how German took a self-care week. We also discuss about how a protest of jersey throwing is effective. As well as wondering what this team has to do during the trade deadline (spoiler: not a whole lot, which is bad)

Feb 4, 2019

Today the boys...don't have a lot to talk about. Give us a break it's only been one game, and really all we have is Bob Stauffer's tweets. Elliott goes on a rant again and then apologizes. German thanks the fans